Asian-Inspired Fantasy Novels

I’m speaking at Mythcon about Asian-inspired fantasy novels, and I thought I’d post the ones I’ve been reading, along with a few of my comments:

  • Tiger Moon Antonia Michaelis
  • A fairytalelike Indian adventure of a hero boy sent by the gods to rescue a princess
  • Thirteen Orphans Jane Lindskold
  • Urban American fantasy with mah-jong magic
  • Fox Woman Kij Johnson
  • Sensual fairytale retelling from the fox wife’s point of view
  • Detective Inspector Chen novels Liz Williams
  • He battles demons and solves magical mysteries, freeing spirits and defending his demon bride in Singapore.
  • Under Heaven Guy Gavriel Kay
  • An epic struggle with amazing description and detail
  • Ladylord Sasha Miller
  • Sensual tale of magic and intrigue
  • Imperial Lady Andre Norton and Susan Shwartz
  • A girl-power fantasy like many of Norton’s as the bride seeks power and romance far from her native China.
  • Shwartz, Susan, Silk Roads and Shadows
  • Travels and ancient legends in a Byzantine quest.
  • Interesting Times Terry Pratchett
  • A Discworld novel follows Rincewind to ancient China, or close enough
  • A Heroine of the World Tanith Lee
  • Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox
  • A violent, fast-paced epic of the one boy who can tame the waking dragon
  • Lord of Light
  • On a futuristic world, characters reenact the Indian pantheon
  • Naamah’s Kiss and Naamah’s Curse Jacqueline Carey
  • One of Carey’s sensual heroines travels to China, Mongolia, and then India to rescue a dragon trapped in a princess and free her beloved from the power of love.
  • Tamora Pierce, Trickster’s Choice, Trickster’s Queen  (southeast asia)
  • A destined queen must discover her path, along with a raven-god and a thief’s daughter
  • The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen by Lloyd Alexander
  • A child’s fairytale as a prince trades six magical gifts for wisdom
  • Suzanne Fisher Staples, Shiva’s Fire
  • Pleasant tale of a girl who finds magic through dance
  • Tiger’s Curse Tiger’s Quest, Tiger’s Destiny Colleen Houck
  • A Twilight-style fantasy romance as an American teen quests to free her tiger-prince from his curse
  • Spirit’s Princess Esther Freisner
  • Following Helen of Troy and Nefertiti, Freisner writes a girl power tale of ancient Japan
  • Sandman: The Dream Hunters
  • A retold fairytale of a fox offering her life for the priest she loves, urged by the King of Dreams.
  • Across the Nightingale Floor Lian Hearn
  • A teen tale of revenge and intrigue blended with forbidden love.
  • Silver Phoenix
  • Lovely Chinese girl power fantasy
  • Shadows on the Moon Zoë Marriott
  • The Japanese Cinderella must choose between happiness and a powerful revenge
  • Cinder Marissa Meyer
  • Dystopian science fiction Cinderella featuring a metal-footed cyborg
  • Bound Donna Jo Napoli
  • Chinese Cinderella classic retelling
  • Cybele’s Secret
  • A fairytale of Anatolia/Turkey and sequel to the author’s Romanian 12 Dancing Princesses
  • Toads and Diamonds
  • Delightful version of the Grimms tale, set in mystical India
  • Additional Resources:

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